Better use of viewable space

John Shkolnik

Hi. What're your plans around making better use of the viewable space in a chat channel? Things get scrolled off way too quickly and it's a huge complaint for us.

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Agreed... if we're not going to use the grey space on both sides of the conversation, and we at least see a design or user-supplied image behind to dress it up a bit?
big-time, was just talking about this with our management today.
Full width. Hide image previews. Collapsible posts. Auto-collapse or filter posts/noise from connector feeds (like VSTS builds or work item comments).
Great news! We are definitively looking into providing a more compact view that reduces grey space and auto-collapses posts in channels.
We will also be delivering mute chats from people or bots soon as well (see posted roadmap).
Thanks very much for your feedback!
What about keeping track of "bumped" posts? On a message board, an older thread with a new reply would appear at the top again. In Teams, a new reply to an older post goes mostly unnoticed.
Hi John,

Actually we do currently bring a post (no matter how old) that gets a new reply to the bottom of the channel to show latest messages/replies.
The scenario you describe is when you are typing a new reply to a post, we do not move posts because we want your view of the channel to be steady. But the next time you visit the channel, you will see that specific post with a new reply pulled down in the channel to highlight recent activity on that post.
I'll keep an eye out. What I do know is each post is unlikely to be seen by everyone and the odds get worse for each reply. Part of that is also because notifications are poor/vague. I sometimes hear a notification and have no idea what exactly triggered it.

Hey @John Shkolnik this is why it's imperitive to get people in the habit of using @mentions. Not everyone does their notifications / follow channels properly so it's always a good idea to get mentions going cause then everything is in your activity feed and you don't have to worry about seeing it scroll by because you'll have things that matter in your activity feed. Same if you want to see it all, follow the channel, it goes to your feed. Now we just need an option to add 1 to 1 chats into the feed and we'll be good :P. no need to switch between tabs, just live in your feed unless you need to go snooping around :P. 

We do use mentions but there is an etiquette to it. You shouldn't mention everyone each time you post yet everyone should have a reasonable opportunity to notice and opt-in. That's a gap where Slack and Mattermost do well and Teams does not.

I didn't mean everyone. But if you follow a channel and use the notification option for "Feed", then you wont' get blown up by alerts but you can follow in your feed. etc. But yeah people do abuse the All notifications. Curious how Slack does it better because I don't see how it could be different :P. They do need better screen space usage, they are fixing that, i've seen the mock ups they are nice, hopefully it comes like I seen with those it'll fix alot of things. 

But this also is where we need per channel / team notification options, once that hits it'll be easier to customize what goes on, right now it's all or nothing.
Notifications have no bearing on this particular point.

"Notification have no bearing on this particular point" - But you just said in your post above that you hear notifications and have no idea where they came from? Your kind of contradicting yourself. Anyway, that's besides the point, we are off topic here anyway, the UI refresh is coming, and if it looks like what I've seen months ago, people will be happy, including myself. 

I said "point", not "topic". The point being that "everyone should have a reasonable opportunity to notice and opt-in" without first having been @mentioned as you initially suggested. That point isn't about notifications, it's about the user experience within each channel when it's being viewed.

They do have an option, when a new channel is created, it tells you in the general channel with a link to follow said channel. But I'm assuming you mean ability to follow a thread in a channel, yeah I would +1 that granularity, along with the "unfollow" on a thread as well. Should have the follow function for every level, Follow everything in a Team, follow a channel, follow a thread. And all the same in unfollow. 

The behavior you describe is one of the things that gets people extremely confused in our company. Most of us wish the messages didn't move at all.