Better support for URLs on Teams chats

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I'm not sure, is it me only who is suffering about those ugly and always too long URLs on the chats. So when pasting the URL into meeting chat I always use "insert link".


The problem is, that it is not on default tool bar, but you need to go via "format" to get that option. So instead of having I'm showing readers a "nice" link e.g.: Microsoft Teams .


Is here any program manager who could impact to that design?

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@Petri X I use the keyboard command Ctrl+K to do this.

Type your text first (ex Microsoft Teams), then mark the word (shift+back arrow). Ctrl+K will open the Insert link dialog without having to openthe formatting tool bar. 

@Annika Elias 

That would be awesome !!


Huge thanks !

@Annika Elias 

Just a comment to you, when I have a meeting on its own window this is not working there. This separate window seems to be general issue, features which are working in Teams' main window are not working on these separate windows.  :sad: