Avoiding duplication within the file tab

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My intention is that within the file tab access to the folder we have shared in the office cloud (SharePoint) that contains the files related to the topic of the team I created, avoiding duplication either by dragging the info directly to the file tab or creating a new tab of files (especially that the original tab of "files" of the team can't be removed).
After creating a Team, in the "Files" tab appears the option to "add from the Cloud", then allows to add from a Sharepoint, and once there allows to add a link to a Sharepoint folder. I copy the link of the folder I'm interested in showing in this Teams files and paste it in the corresponding field and press "Go". After pressing Go I get a window where I press next where I select the highlighted link
And then I get stuck, I can't go any further if I don't select one of the two folders options (booth in the root of the Sharepoint where we have all our files) and the selected folder never appears in the Teams files tab, can you help me?

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@LeoBOIE The Add Cloud Storage options needs you to select a Document Library in a SharePoint site, you can't select a site or a specific folder. I don;t really understand where your files are, but they must be in a Document Library of some description.

@Steven Collier thanks for your answer. I belong to an organization that have an Office 365 profesional license. And IT created for US a Sharepoint were we upload the office files in order to use it as our Cloud. Said that, I want to add to my Teams specific folder placed in the mentioned Sharepoint using the option of "add from the Cloud" in the file tab of the Team. Doing this I avoid to add a new tab for files as a link to the folder in the Sharepoint as well to have to  navigate all the Sharepoint directory in case to add it. Again, thanks for your help

@LeoBOIE If it's not SharePoint Online, as part of Microsoft's cloud services, then you can't add it using Add Cloud Service. 



@Steven Collier Yes it's SharePoint Online.



@LeoBOIE then you will be able to select a document library in that site, like I mentioned in a previous message it needs to be a document library, not a site or a folder.

@Steven Collier thanks agein for your answer and your help. Leandro