Availability in the Canadian data center

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Hello from Canada! The Office 365 roadmap indicates that the estimated release for having Teams in the Canadian data center is Q3 2018. Is that still accurate?


Also, for those of us who have been trying out Teams in the North American region but can't use it for any actual business purposes until our Canadian data residency requirements have been satisfied, is there anything special we need to do to prepare to migrate?

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Hey Ryan, 

We're really close to launching Teams in the Canadian Data Centers. Please stay tuned for an update in the next two weeks. 




Thanks @Laurie Pottmeyer, this is great news! However, we have already been testing out Teams. Is there any way we can delete our existing Teams data and start fresh in the Canadian data center? Or do we really have to wait until next year and migrate our data?

Yeah, you have to wait, Ryan

Oh well. Lesson learned: never try out any new Office 365 product in your production tenant unless it's available in your geo. Thanks for the follow-up.

Well, according to @Varun Sagar, it is in fact possible to delete an existing instance of Teams in the North American geo and start fresh in the Canadian geo:


I guess we'll give our Microsoft rep a call and find out!