Auto Answer incoming calls function in Teams

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Another question.

In Skype there is the options to auto answer calls. 

We have a lot of customers with showrooms or public meeting rooms, where this function could be useful. 


Is there any thoughts about getting this function to Teams? 

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Hello Peter, not an answer but am curious...have you configured auto attendants and call queues in your ecosytem?

Hey @Alex Cross 


Good question. No we haven't. Most customers still reach us through regular phone calls or email.


I did look into the option, but since it didn't, as fare as I could tell, gave me the option of auto answer, I dropped it. 

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@pml_avcenter ... when you say customers reach you through "regular phone calls" does this mean that your organization has not configured/enabled Voice within Teams yet? Quick ways to tell...if someone dials your phone number, does it ring to Teams? Also, do you have a dial pad available when you navigate to the "Calls" button on the left navbar? 


If Voice has not been setup/configured, and you're only using Teams for meetings, chat, and collaboration then calls can't be auto-routed.