Archive Channels or Conversations in a team.

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When a channel has reached it's end of life, it would be great to archive it.  I don't want to delete it or rename it to something that will drop it to the bottom of the list (if sorted alphabetically).

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+ 1 Adam. This item is on the backlog which means that there is no certainty that it will arrive in 2019

I'm a mere novice with teams but as a small - medium sized company we have found it to be one of the most useful tools they have provided.  However, the inability to archive channels and the limit of 200 channels per team (including deleted channels) has really restricted its abilities. 

Yes, if context is the key to using Teams but one cannot save the context and archive a channel then I find this a very limiting use case for even using Teams vs. Trello, or other tools that can easily integrate document collaboration @John Fegan 

This has been on the list for over 2 years.  Time to get it done Microsoft.  Please @Robin Johnson 

I agree! I've been using teams for a bit more than a month and have already had channels hit their end-of-life. Moving them to read-only, and have them disappear from the channel count restriction is what I'm after.

Oh no, this isn't what I wanted to read.  I have just been promoting teams within my current Organisation, and had a meeting with a Team Manager.   He decided it best to have a Channel per project.  The number concerned me, and so the question of limitations popped into my head of the weekend,  I then find that there is a 200 Channel Limit (including deletions ...not sure when they expire?), which then leads to the OBVIOUS question of archiving.

It really makes me wonder who MS employ to specify a product.  This is a basic requirement :(