Any update on the large memory footprint?

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Some users in our environment refuse to run teams because it consumes too much memory and impacts the overall productivity of their systems.   This has been a known issue for a while and sits on the roadmap, but when will it be addressed?

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Hi Joel, thanks for the question. We are constantly working on improving performance of the app; with the latest round of improvements reaching general audience very recently. Our app telemetry shows that average and max memory footprint of the app has been on a downward trend for all users (new and power users). We have a long way to go in this area but we are can assure that the performance and memory improvements are a top priority and users should expect improvements consistently through our automatic updates. Request you to post specific scenarios your team feels we need to work on, in the UserVoice forum - -- this way while we are working on holistically improvement performance, if there are specific scenarios that are impacting your team, we can look at them separately.

4 of the top 13 consumers of memory on my box at this time are Teams.exe with Teams.exe taking the top 2 slots.   I'm only running one teams...but yet I have 4 copies of the .exe in RAM and they are all pigs.   This isn't acceptable.   Not everyone is running around with 16GB of RAM or more.   With constrained VDIs...this time of memory consumption is not acceptable.  


It should be noted that our competitors do not seem to suffer from this bloat.   You speak of improvements, but there is nothing visible that has improved in the last year.   The consumption we see to day appears to be what we saw a year ago.

Browser based TEAMS uses 900MB RAM  where TEAMs local install uses only 300MB RAM but it crashes sometime