Any update on Teams will be available in preview for education o365 tenants ?

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Any updates when teams for education tenants will be available for us to use?  This would be so helpful for me and my staff as we use Planner, Sites, OneNote, etc to bring it all together.  Thank you.

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Hi Nicholas - We do have additional timing yet. I do know that we will approach this in stages - first for staff, etc. And then farther down the line student access.

Hi Paul,


Any updates on when Teams will go live for EDU tenants? Teams is currently by far the most asked after feature from our Faculty and students.

Any update for EDU tennants now that Teams has been released to everyone else?

Teams is still not available to EDU or government tenants. There must be other requirements for Teams to be enabled that are not ready for these tenants. 

When will Teams be available for EDU customers?
Thanks but that's not really the case. I'm looking for a response from Microsoft as to when it will be made available.

The only things I have seen the past weeks is that all our tenants users, faculty and students has gotten a Teams licence applied.


Also, under Services & add-ins for Teams, there is now a choise to enable/disable teams for faculty and students, and I belive Microsoft said one of the things they needed to do was to was just that.


Hopefully it will not be long before EDU tenants gets activated since Teams is really something our users want.

Our users really want it as well. The tile shows up for our users, but we can't fully enable it. It's frustrating because are getting so many calls asking us to activate. 


We have struggled a bit to get the faculty and students to adopt Office 365. They are at least warming up to Office 365 Groups (especially since Planner was added), but the addition of Teams would finally give them a really attractive reason to adopt.