Any update on Private Channels? The most requests feature for Teams...

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It seems to keep getting delayed and updates aren't posted very often.  This is a critical feature that is missing so we don't have to keep creating more teams just so managers of a department can have conversations and files private from the rest of the team.

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Private channels are under development and we realize the importance of getting this feature out ASAP.  We are working to make the experience a good one and when we have a date to share, we will let the community know.  

I think this is the highest user voice out there, and I've seen it raised about a dozen times in this AMA alone. Whilst I can't say for Microsoft, I have a feeling it'll be earlier than later in 2019. It'll certainly be a game changer for governance and stopping that Teams sprawl
Hoping to see a more specific timeline for this as it was announced as an upcoming feature at Ignite this year. Looking forward to it!