Any update on performance and optimisations?

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Hi, and thanks for answering questions.


1. You have been getting some feedback and a little "heat" on the performance issues of teams over the last months. Could you share any update on what`s being done to address this situation, and when we can see some improvements in performance? Been struggling a lot with the client freezing up after inactivity periods, changing tabs take a lot of time, and also the overall consumption of memory.


2. The second question is regarding another "hot" topic, and relates to UI optimisations. Are there any update on the work being done to make a better compact layout?



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Hi Frank, thanks for the question.

Re #1 a. - what work we have been doing to improve performance - We have recently deployed many performance improvements to the general audience and based on our in-app telemetry we see improvements in some of our metrics like chat and channel tab switches, along with general improvements in application launch time.


Re #1 b. - client freezing up for inactivity periods - could you please provide more details on this scenario. If your scenario matches any of ones reported at - - please upvote those scenarios. We constantly look at UserVoice and reflect them in our product planning.


Re #2 - compact view UI - Tagging my colleague @Lorraine Wong to provide her inputs.


@Chandra Chivukula If you take a look at the comments on and search for 'freeze' you will see that a lot of people are reporting the same behaviour.


We did find a way to improve the performance though; If you start Teams in Windows 8 compatibility mode, it works a lot better. We have tested and verified this on multiple computers. Maybe this can help you to find the core to the problem.



Where can the option to run Teams in Windows 8 compatibility mode be found?