Any news on the per-channel permissions implementation?

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Hi Guys, 


We are using Teams as our primary source of comms internally but we find that in a lot of instances we are having to create new teams, when a new channel with different permissions would do.  


I know this is being worked on but are there any updates on the progress?




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Can you please elaborate on what you mean by channels with different permissions? Are you referring to private channels?

In a manner of speaking yes.  We would like to have say, 30 people added to an over all team.  But within that team have different channels that only a subset of these users can access.


This way it keeps the interface clean and easier to navigate.  We would also love a channel under a team that we could limit guest access too.  For example for this channel allow guests from this domain access for collaboration and meetings but keep the rest of the team off limits to them.


Hope that makes a bit of sense.

If you click on the ellipses to the right of the Team name, it gives you the option to "Add channel." I am sure this is what the person is referring to. Being able to manage permissions on the channel would be useful. For example, if I have a team called Information Technology where everyone in the IT department has access, I could add a channel named IT Management. It would then be nice to limit access to the IT Management channel to just people in management. You could also have channels for Developers, Project Managers, etc. This way, the main point of reference for the IT team would be the Information Technology team.
Bullseye! Good job you were here to translate my ramble.
Many of our uses request this too, and in our case we do mean private channels - the ability to subset a group of members to a channel. This is a feature that is part of Slack so people we're trying to transition to Teams are used to being able to create private channels.
We heard that Microsoft was working on a private channel feature so we have been telling users "sometime in 2019", do you know if this is being working on and an estimated timeline?

Private channels is a high priority for us - we are working on it. Stay tuned for more updates coming on this.

Private channels will enable you to have individual permissions for channels.  We are working on that but I do not have an update for you as to timeline.  If you'd like to "clean up" the user interface you can have people remove the "favorite" designation for channels.  Those not favorite will go down into "More".  I often do this when in a team with a lot of channels (best practice) that I don't have to stay on top of or aren't specifically relevant to me.  

Our primary use case is we would like to restrict Guest access to specific channels within a Team.  We currently manage 2 Teams per project.  1 Internal Team and 1 Guest facing Team.  This duplicates work and causes lots of confusion.  Obviously we don't want a Guest to have access to all of the channel chats and documents, but would like them to be included in the same Team...with restrictions.

We have to do the same and it's quite frustrating - keeping details in sync and particularly files is a challenge to say the least.

We are doing something similar where we have to have two Teams to support one "audience" (team):

One Team is created for the overall group; another Team is created for the senior members (leadership, management, whatever). While I can argue that this is good because senior members don't need to worry about the files that are saved in the SharePoint site, I'm conflicted because I'm not a fan of having another location to store a single team's content.

You can also, create Two Teams, One for all users and a second for just internal user. In the first you add a channel who named internal use only and you add a tab who's go to the sharepoint library form the second Teams. Like that the user have just One Teams to manage.
You can also, create Two Teams, One for all users and a second for just internal user. In the first you add a channel who named internal use only and you add a tab who's go to the sharepoint library form the second Teams. Like that the user have just One Teams to use.
Think this is the highest rated user voice Would expect to see this earlier than later in 2019 Best, Chris

@Matt Fernandes 


As of now 27th of Mar 2019, this is not possible yet. I'm sure MS Team is working on it.


However, there's a way how you can impose permission i.e. from the group site only.

1. create a site page and customize according to your taste. You can do many things on it as per the add ons.

2. assign individual permission. just check on the manage access.

3. customize your main group site and create a link to that site.


Hence, rather than using fully the MS Teams, you can either create a link on it or advise your team to access the main page.


Hope this help.



@Shruti Poddar - just came over to a midsize Microsoft shop from a smaller Slack + GSuite shop. This is a crucial feature. Just practically, in a matrixed and permeable organization, teams are typically not whole numbers of identical people. In the Product function, depending on product/project/activity, I may pull fractionally from other teams (design, architecture, etc.) or outside resources (UX, consultants, etc.) and involve external clients/partners. The default access control means I have to decide who to give all the Product permissions to...thereby limiting it to people who are active on all the things or executives. It limits the practical utility dramatically.

Related, an underappreciated aspect of Slack is its promotion of digital culture. Being able to throw up channels and self (de)select is big. That and being able to start private channels can foster certain types of sub-cultures (game nights, local events, conferences, interesting books/articles, etc.) and conversations. Having teams and chats just doesn't do the same trick.

Hope this is still very high on the roadmap/backlog!

Hi There @Shruti Poddar any update on this. Our company is planning a substantial investment in Slack Enterprise Grid as a direct result of Teams inability to deploy this?  We have a complex organisation as channel permission is a must to prevent the need for 50 different workspaces.

we need this for sure. Often times where Managers need to discuss things in a management Team, then sub channels from there for specific projects and invite in guests (consultants, internal users, etc) that are NOT part of the full team but needed for this one project. No one wants to give out unnecessary group membership and access!
I have not gone thru and tried to play with tons of sharepoint permissions to see if there is a way to mess with it and fake it as that is far too much work and documentation. This should have been there from the beginning.

Amen! I hardly see the value of channels if we can't do per-channel permission control.