Any chance to get shorter links when sharing a file?

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The links that Teams/Sharepoint create are so ridiculously long when you paste them into an email or something.  A built in URL Shortener would be awesome.

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Currently under review :D I voted, would recommend you vote and get as many people as possible to in order to push it up Microsoft's list. Best, Chris

A part of the problem will be fixed by Q1 end  (March 2019). The first workflow we are addressing is : When you do a get link and paste into Teams => This will be shortened.  Pasting into other clients like email is yet to be picked up 

It would be great if it could just generate a short URL by default.  When I would go to Google Maps to generate a URL, it would show me a huge URL but would have a checkbox where I could choose Short URL and it would generate me one that way.  I could then just paste that into anywhere I needed to.

@Christopher Hoard  I would vote as many times as I could for this!

Any news on this subject? The links on Teams still very long.
+1 for a built-in URL shortener - the 277 character URL link for a Teams Live Event is impressive, scary, and horrible to use.

Also a +1 for this, especially for when Teams Live events are subject to change/link needs updating for attendees. A shortened editable URL would be handy.  

@Mike Boehm - Yes, please! Those links are a hot mess - they distract from actual communication and look unprofessional. It looks like this is a long overdue update. (Voted!)