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We are getting a ton of push back from business units for a Teams upgrade for several reasons:


  1. The Teams Devices (Desktop Phones) are difficult to use, there are no options for saving contacts, speed dials, or favorites. When will those options be available?
  2. The requirement for a external user to create a login for the Teams desktop app is also problematic, when GotoMeetings, Webex, and many others do not require this to hold a meeting. The functionality of the web client isn't as robust as the teams client. Is there going to be a way to allow users to use the desktop app without a sign in?
  3. There is no way in the Teams desktop or webclient to see someone's mobile number, and there is no way to dial an alternative number when searching for a user in the directory, are those options on the roadmap?
  4. Calling mobile numbers or non-teams phones can result in voice quality issues, but the teams QOS report does not show that. 
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@Lynn Towle thanks for your questions! 


1. We are indeed working to improve the experience on our Teams native devices, including contact management. 

2. There is no requirement for a user to create an account to join a Teams meeting. Teams supports anonymous join by default. There are controls IT admins can use to control this, but it is enabled by default.

3. We are working to enhance our people card experience, including additional number dialing, in the coming months. If a user has a mobile number published in AD, you can dial this from the client UI as well by clicking the call button, and selecting the mobile number.

4. You should be able to see this within the Call Analytics portal. Is this where you are looking?

@Bryan Nyce 


Yes, looking at Call Analytics and also each call individually when there is a reported issue. It seems that once the call is handed off from the Microsoft PTSN, service can be problematic. This is mostly noticeable when called from/calling to mobile numbers. 


I'm hoping those updates come soon! I'd love to get us on board with Teams for voice, but the business units won't allow it until the devices and other issues are fixed.

@Bryan Nyce Question 1 here about contacts in Desk phones is it planned? For desk phones running Teams native deskphone application, not 3PIP. It been commented by community users and some of my customers that it is strange with an desk phone without contacts.

Yes, this is in the backlog.