Add Team members via Distribution Group

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Are there any plans to use DL to add team members to Teams during provisioning?

Currently you can add DL only via teams client interface which is also point in time.  IMO this functionality should be available for Admins who may not be a Team owner and DL updates should reflect to Teams membership.

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The current answer to this is using Dynamic Membership which launched recently. The only negative is it requires additional Azure AD P1 licenses for any user that is part of one of these dynamic groups but this can be used to dynamically fill group membership for your Teams.

We've gotten the ask for nesting group membership - being able to have a DL linked as a member of a group and keep that membership in sync.  We don't support it today, but definitely upvote the UserVoice item so we can prioritize accordingly, as this is something we're currently evaluating. I think this one maps to what you're looking for:


The workarounds you have today are:

  • In the Teams client you can add a DL, which will do a one time add of current group members.
  • Via powershell, you can expand the membership of a group and add those members one by one to the new group/team
  • You can use a group with dynamically-assigned membership as the backing group for a team.  As @Chris Webb noted this requires AAD Premium licensing.