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With Skype, it was possible to add a distribution group to your contact list.  This would show the group, and could be expanded to show the individual members of the group.  It stayed up to date as the group membership was changed in AD, and also made it easy to start a conversation with the entire group.



From what I can tell, this isn't possible in Teams currently.  Are there any plans to add this functionality?

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Starting a conversation with a group is what a Team chat would be surely?

If it's an Office 365 Group & Teams enabled, yes, that's basically the same thing.  For traditional distribution groups, that doesn't work.  

there is an additional use case here it makes it much easier to find an individual that is online in a given group. This is particularly helpful when you have shift worker running say support and you want to find a contact that is currently online at any given time of the day or night

I don't think it's the same. Example, we don't necessarily need a Team to chat to a group of people on a random subject. Skype for business would allow to instant message a group of contacts, but Teams does not seem to have this feature.  What I have found is that once you have written to a group of people, it stays in your "recent" chats so you can always revert back to that to continue chatting with a specific group of contacts.

@Jon Greaves Exactly.  In SfB, we used our AD security groups as contact groups.  This allowed us to type the name of the AD security group (like "Partners") and have it expand in SfB.  That way, we had lists of partners, employees, etc.--however we wanted to break it out based on those AD security groups.  This was mainly for organization and finding people in a list, but it also allowed for easy importation of all company names into the list. 


Why would we want to have everyone listed?  We are a small company and use the presence feature instead of calling and getting voicemail.  This is especially important now that everyone is working offsite because of COVID-19.

@Steve Whitcher Agreed - and also Teams don't update membership when staff are added/removed from corresponding security groups or dist lists. It's all manual to add new staff and remove old staff. There needs to be integration, not only for Contacts groups listings but also Teams groups membership updating. It's currently a painful administration nightmare.
Basically Teams is not 'Fit for Purpose' to replace Skype For Business in its current feature set.