Ability to schedule meetings for a private channel

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  1. Why do we not have the ability to schedule meetings for a private channel. This is a bit frustrating as we create these private channels to interact within a subgroup of people and we cannot select the private channels when we create meeting events. One of the biggest advantages of Teams is the collaboration and the ability to have every piece of relevant information in a channel. But when we cannot schedule a meeting in the private channel, it defeats the purpose.


  1. It is again related to private channels. The absence of tagging.


Are the above in your consideration?


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Hi @gopakumarlimner

There are several uservoices for this, such as this one

So I would vote to push this up the agenda. If you vote on it you will be notified if and when it is picked up. In addition, whilst it isn't possible today to do it with a scheduled meeting I have seen workarounds such as 1.) scheduling a meeting in Outlook directing at the private channel (where a Teams meeting link isn't included) and then 2.) Holding a meet now at the time of the meeting. Of course, this is a workaround but I have heard it's been relatively successful

In terms of the tagging - per article

Not yet supported. Again there is a uservoice here

Hope that answers your questions!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thank you very much for the response. Has voted for the ideas. Hope it is taken up at the earliest.