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RE: 3 way PSTN calling in Teams. We have a MPN incident open  (#12354187)  around the issue of users who DO HAVE a PSTN CALLING PLAN NOT being able to place a 3way call in Teams unless they have an audio conf license. It has been confirmed that Teams softphone users who do NOT have an audio conf lic only get the “add someone” option when in a call and trying to conference in a 3rd person. Whereas users who have the Audio Conf lic get “add someone or dial a number”. Is this a bug or desired behavior? 3 way calling historically has not been a feature that required additional licenses/costs.

Gary Woods


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Hi @gary woods - I heard about this from someone else as well, let me work with the team internally and follow up with you.

any updates?  We have a MPN incident (12354187) open and they are confirming that audio conf lic IS required for simple 3 way calling (even when a PSTN calling plan is already in place). When I ask if this is a bug or intended behavior I am told "this is how it is suppose to work"... But they encourage me "to share this directly with engineering team viahttps://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public so that the concern team can review the idea/issue". Can we get this clarified here or do you recommend I open another thread at the above?

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same problem here, we need this feature working with direct routing instead of audio conferencing immediately!

After researching this for well over a week here is what I understand;

Audio Conf lic is required to place a Teams 3 way audio call for at least for the foreseeable future.

It only works from the Teams Soft Phone, and does NOT work from endpoints (deskphones and speakerphones) running the SfB client using the Teams Gateway. Per attached, hopefully when Native Teams for endpoints is released 3 way calling will work from them also.  However, still seeking long term clarification from MSFT on how long an audio conf lic will be required to place a simple 3 way call in Teams.  

I'm having issue with 3 way PSTN calls. I have Direct routing option and Users have audio conference enabled but i can't make a conference call when I make PSTN 3 way call.
Case #:24935948