Evaluating Syntex in a MS E5 developer tenant

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In order to fully understand, explore Syntex you will want to explore this on a developer tenant (a sandboxed environment) before speaking to a customer.
Using the developer tenant from MS (e.g. Microsoft 365 E5 Developer (without Windows and Audio Conferencing) Trial)

You can now setup Syntex so everything shows as completed so in M365 Admin ->Setup under files and content the
"Use Content AI with Syntex (Azure subscription + Content Center setup)"

Great…However when you attempt to grant a Syntex licence you need to be able to add this licence / Syntex trial, however you will get an error (as per attached), purchase services is not even available. Even browsing to the Syntex trial home page the free trial will show an error.

As a result you cannot use Syntex, for example I wanted to evaluate / try the new contracts management template in a SP site but as you cannot allocate a Syntex licence, which is a requirement to show it.

I am aware of CDX demos but they are not for development, nor do you really want to assign an azure subscription to one of these.

Please let me know if this is possible, or I have misunderstood the setup


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I had the same issue, the best nearby option is to Pay as you go with syntex or M365 trial tenant with Syntex License.