[Service restored] Some Business Essentials/Premium licenses unable to access Stream

Type: Advisory
Status: Service restored
Last updated: 2/26/19
User Impact: Users with either of the following licenses will not have Microsoft Stream included and won't be able to access Stream.
Office 365 Business Essentials
Office 365 Business Premium
Scope of impact: All the Business Premium and Essentials licenses should now include Microsoft Stream. However the above 2 license were missed in the intial deployment and backfill of SMB licenses to include Microsoft Stream. Until we deploy updates to these licenses via our commerce sysetem no users with these licenses will be able to access Microsoft Stream. This issue only affects the 2 specific licenses above that were older entries and are no longer sold. All other SMB licenses are correctly enabled for Microsoft Stream.
Current status: Updates to the commerce system have been made. Users with the above licenses should now correctly get the Microsoft Stream plan and have access to Stream.

Start time: When Business Essentials/Premium licenses were announced for MS Stream

End time: 2/26/2019

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