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Hello @Marc Mroz

Our users are reporting seeing two different views in the File and Media web part on a published page. One shows the embedded player, and the other shows a design that looks similar to the design of Highlighted Content web part. The one that looks similar to Highlighted Content web part one does not play in-line and opens the video in a new tab. The screenshots are the exact same configuration, from two different users. 


We've noticed that zooming in on a page can trigger to the view that does not play in-line. There does not seem to be a reason for this, and the percentage of zoom it take to change the view is different for different users. 


Any guidance that can be provided is appreciated.

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Can anyone with Microsoft give us any guidance on this? The functionality is different for the same web part, and we need to know what to tell our employees when they encounter this. Better yet, can it be fixed so the inline player is always there, hence why we're using the File and Media web part and not just a basic link?
This was answered on yesterday's Stream Product Office Hours call. The difference has to do with the size of the browser window the videos are displayed on. The web part plays the videos inline until it is forced to shrink down to a size that is too small. When that happens, it changes automatically to a card that you click on for the video to open to play. You should see this with any browser window if you start shrinking down the size of it.