Videos links in Quick Links -- viewer gets stuck in Stream

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We're having to put links to some of our videos in Quick Links because the "copy link at timecode" feature doesn't work in the File and Media web part (we need to link to a specific place in a video so we don't have to have several separate videos of a single meeting). When the user clicks on a quick link, that takes them to Stream in the same tab and the browser's back arrow functionality is broken. We've found that this is the case with the copy link at timecode and general copy link options. Users are getting stuck in Stream, losing their place wherever they were on our intranet. 

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@Tasmania Have you added Chapters to your videos? If you do, then the chapters will appear and the user will see them and can jump to the place in the video they want to see. Here are the instructions for setting up Chapters. They will display in the File and Media web part for users.


They will be able to see the options (not the edit options of course) and they can click to go to the place in the video you want them to.



Yes, @karen_dredske. I'm very aware of chapters and am using them. I'm not a newbie to this; I've been attending the Stream call for more than a year. My organization wants its employees to click on something and be there without having to do anything other than that one click. So I'm trying to achieve the requirement I've been given. They want people to see something that starts at 6 minutes in, so I have to find a way to make that happen without tens of thousands of people having to magically know that they need to go through chapters to find what they've been directed to. Also, since we still don't have multivideo playback, we're having to find ways to put dozens of videos on a page without putting dozens of single video players on a page. I don't need a lesson in Playlists -- I know what those are, how they work and I know they don't work for our needs.
@Tasmania I am feeling your pain! I wouldn't recommend playlists. They don't do this well either (at least not the way they were built). I think this is a feature we need to add to the Feature List to be built ( In the meantime though. . . this stinks. Maybe if some of us think on it we can come up with some kind of workaround to help you and others.
We do understand the need of embedding a video on a SharePoint Page which starts a certain time stamp. This was one of the relevant scenarios in Stream Classic web part. However, this functionality doesn't exist in the new Stream ecosystem. Currently this has been deprioritized owing to other important features.

However, if you are using chapters, you can embed a particular chapter in the File and Media web part using the chapter copy link. This ensures that the video starts at the particular chapter. I hope this helps your use case.

Thanks for highlighting the issue with Quick Links web part, we will investigate this on our end.