Video Ownership Settings with New Stream

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I post and caption webinar recordings for a work team. With the Classic Stream I could designate members of the team and a group as co-owners. This is important because I don't want the team losing these recordings if and when I leave.

I don't see an option to do this with videos in the new version of Stream/Sharepoint. The video resides in my personal OneDrive/Sharepoint and while I can share the link, if I leave the organization and my account is closed down, what will happen to the video recordings? 

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Videos are now the same as any other file. If you want them to exist after you leave the organization you need to put them in a shared space. Store them in a Teams team, a SharePoint site, or Yammer community, the same way you’d store and share a word document or PowerPoint deck.

You can use the “Move” button in the OneDrive web UI to move it to a site and it keeps all the chapters, transcripts, etc you may have added.
Thank you so much, Marc. I guess it's time for a discussion at work.
If you were using a Group in Stream (Classic), that's a M365 Group and has a SharePoint site with the same permissions. So you could just find that M365 Group SharePoint site and upload videos there.
Thank you!
Hi Marc, any automation suggestion we can put in place so the team mates and the manager gets the files transferred to them or a notice to move the files to a shared space. there may be many videos in users OneDrive and not all may be official.
Also is there a way to know where the videos has been used say " embedded" into any internal sites etc.. there is no way to get this information from anywhere and creates a void if the user leaves the organization without moving / designating a new owner. Pls suggest !!