Upload and add a video to a channel via MS (on SP)

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I have created a company wide channel, however when I upload a video using the new Stream on SharePoint option, the video uploads fine but there is no "add to channel" option.

Checking videos uploaded to Stream Classic, they have a different interface and the 3 dots with an option to add to a channel.

I also don't have the option to upload a new video to Classic which allows the channel option.

I am stuck and appreciate any advice.



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When you say "company wide channel" that sounds like a Stream (Classic) feature. Is that what you mean?

IF you upload a video into a SharePoint site or OneDrive, or from the "Stream" home page in M365/Office.com, that upload panel uploads the file to OneDrive - not to Stream (Classic).

Microsoft is shutting down the ability for customers to upload to Stream (Classic), to incentivize organizations to migrate off of it before the entire service is shut down in Feb 2024.
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You should start looking into create a Site for Video, This site should be a hub and every "Channel" should be a Site connected to the hub.

You can follow this guide to create one:

As you said, I'm now assuming Channels is specific to Classic only, when classic dies, channels do too.
I assumed just the front end of classic and the upload/backend of storage of videos was going to change to SP and assumed Channels would stay as it's a nice way of displaying a playlist fo videos without the need to use Lists or a SharePoint page. Unfortunately it seems the case the channels will dies too which is a shame.

Similar to that, what I've done for now is use a SP pages videos page, though I've run in to a problem.
I've created a page on a private sharepoint, used the highlighted content option for videos and it works really well, auto updates the page if I add any more videos, however the issue now is sharing it to the organisation.

I have shared the page and created a view only link, the link works and opens for a user not a member of the SP site, however the highlighted content doesn't load the videos. The section is there but shows "recently added videos will appear here". I have shared the videos stored in the SP site documents to the organisation but still doesn't work.

I may have to move the videos to an open SP site and try again, but wanted to keep them in the current SP as it all relates to a private team who works on the videos.

Any ideas?

Go with YouTube. They've worked great for years. I have to move all my stream content over to YouTube because whatever they're doing with this service, it's impossible to use now as a corporate video g
We are also looking for an option to share videos for the entire organization. YouTube is not a good option. I hope Microsoft will see this thread and comment on it. :)