Unable to edit or manage access in Streams

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I am having trouble uploading the files and being able to manage access. Seems that the option to now to trim the video has disappeared. Previously I was able to upload the video in the classic streams and then trim the video and manage access. Please can you advise what can be done now to amend the file. 

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Having similar issues. Drag and drop no longer allows me to push the file to my folder so I can edit prior to broadcasting to internal Stream channels.

Additionally channels does not exist in non classic view either and I've also learned that they are discontinuing all the classic site in favour of sharepoint.

@Karthi1645 Having the same issue, and I can no longer go back to the far superior Stream Classic to upload videos, easily manage access for my company, trim unwanted content, and use the embed code to put the videos into our KB articles that everyone in the company can access. The new stream is absolutely terrible. I've been trying to upload a meeting recording, change access, and embed into an article for over 30 minutes now. It used to take me 5 minutes in classic.


I am having the same issue and not being able to upload videos

Welp thanks Microsoft for making the entire program worthless...taking features away that are needed and used. New Stream not functional...old Streams can't edit. I have deadlines. Now have to find another program. Very frustrated.