Trim feature removed in new Stream?

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Has the trim feature been removed in both the new (SharePoint) Stream and tradtional Stream interface? 

I discovered this today when attempting to trim a video recorded from a Teams meeting.  The trim feature was available recently when video recordings of Teams meetings were accessed in OneDrive.  

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We don't have trim for videos in onedrive or SharePoint. Only in Stream (Classic). We are trying to build a simple version into the new experience. We are thinking of doing a default start and end time for the video. The video would start at that point and pause at end point but users could see and jump to parts outside these points.

Would that meet your need in the short term while we build a more complicated trim feature or until clipchamp for full video editing is available?
:backhand_index_pointing_up: Thoughts on above, from anyone, would that simple default start and end time at least meet some of the trim needs in the short term?
To me, it depends on how much needs to be trimmed off and what is in the trimmed area. If it's something that I don't want users seeing or if it's a lot to trim off, then I would edit outside of Stream and then reupload. If just a little trimming is needed, then the start/end would suffice (and it's better than nothing).

@Marc Mroz just bring back trim option> To me that is a core feature thhat you want and need.
Teams recordings often need some or a lot of trimming. At least the start and finish.

I need to cut my Teams's recorded videos... please, do it simple!
I agree with others that trimming/editing videos is a core feature, and it's not helpful if you have to edit your videos in a different software then re-upload. Having a default start/end time will only confuse users why their video started 5 minutes into the recording. That would make me think it was a technical glitch and I missed something.

I agree that this was a vital feature. I used it every single time I worked with meeting recordings that later needed to be published for replay by our workforce. I specifically began meeting recordings with buffer time at the front end, knowing that I had the option to trim the dead space at the beginning as well as the chatter among participants there too. Discovering today that this feature has been removed has created work and a delay for me and leaves me having to download separate software to manage my meeting recordings. It is a step backward.


Please bring back the trim feature. Recently had a recording go long and capture a sensitive conversation. It's a challenge to rectify unless the trim feature exists!


If MS are happy to allow the product to keep recording the meeting when one participant fails to his 'leave' and remains joined in the meeting ..... then I kinda think MS are obliged to give us back the feature to trim the meeting.

@Marc Mroz simply - no - trim is incredibly useful - please do not remove it. Add it into the functionality on videos in OneDrive and SharePoint areas. Meetings need the pre and post chat removed.

I agree with the other comments that this is a crucial feature in order to trim things after the meeting easily as I have enough to do during meeting setup to mind starting recording at exact right time....
So I always need to trim some minutes in the beginning and in the end.

The feature you have now is great!
Something similar would be very appreciated, or I could change the all-hands meeting to YouTube and handle it there instead...

Hoping for a positive feedback reg trimming feature. (BTW, my surface tablet would die under flickergate symptoms if I were to edit video on it...)

@Marc MrozThe trim feature was so handy, definitely needs to be re-instated!

@BHBrookfield Crucial feature, please bring back Trim ASAP

Any of you who want a Trim feature for videos in ODB/SPO for Stream (on SharePoint), can you add your votes and comments to this idea in the feedback portal?


Can you also give us more details about when and how you need to trim? More information would really help us figure out the right way to build this into ODB/SPO and/or Clipchamp. 


Example useful info you could provide us:

  • Does your primary use case need the trimmed out part of the video to be fully removed from the video so no one can see it ever? Or would hiding parts of the video be enough?
  • What types of videos are you needing to trim?
  • What are you trimming out of the video and why?
  • Do the videos you are wanting to trim already have extra enhancements on them (chapters, transcript, etc)?

Edit & Trim Video Recording in new Stream like Stream Classic · Community (

@Marc Mroz Trimming the front and back ends of a recorded Teams session are my primary uses and would be my first choice (and would restore the prior trim feature that is basic but useful). I completely delete front and back end becuase it's usually banter at the front end before a meeting starts.  Back end is usually from forgetting to stop the recording.  There are no extra enhancements that I see.     Would love to be able to have additional features such as trim within the timeline (other than start and stop) with a transition features.  Audio adjustement would also be helpful.  

I suggest keeping control in the users hands on where to trim front and back portions. The previous basic trimming feature was sufficient for this purpose.
I'll add my reply to the post linked in the comment, but to put simply- yes. My office has come to use and depend on the feature. One of the most challenging things about promoting and encouraging the use of cloud services is when an interface changes (e.g., Stream Classic to Stream SharePoint) and features that users rely on are removed. IT personnel and power users wind up holding the bag and trying to make excuses for Microsoft while our bosses and users both get angry.

@Marc Mroz 

Please bring back the "Trim Video" feature per the reasons below.  Meanwhile, is there an alternative solution besides downloading the video to a different application and performing the video trimming there?


  • Does your primary use case need the trimmed out part of the video to be fully removed from the video so no one can see it ever? Or would hiding parts of the video be enough?
    • I need to fully remove part of the video permanently
  • What types of videos are you needing to trim?
    • Meeting or Training videos recording using MS Teams
  • What are you trimming out of the video and why?
    • The beginning and the end of the meeting (as many time user forgets to click 'Stop Recording')
    • The middle part of the video (for example if in the middle part of the video, I had to type in user name or password to log into an application as part of the Training video, then I want to remove that section completely).
  • Do the videos you are wanting to trim already have extra enhancements on them (chapters, transcript, etc)?
    • Usually not, but some training videos could have enhancements like chapters, etc.
I am unable to even upvote this feature as we are tenants of GCC, not the commercial cloud. Is there any consideration on if/when this would also be available for GCC?
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I know that not having trim in Stream (on SharePoint) is painful. Full video editing will come with clipchamp being added to enterprise later this year. 


It's been a long road for us in the product group to get to a plan for what to do in Stream. We apologize for how long it's taken us. It's not easy for us to just add back the ability that was in Stream (Classic) to SharePoint, the underlying architecture and storage is very different.


Thank you for all the feedback you've shared and all the votes in the ideas forum. We've finally been able to land on a design for a simple trim option directly in Stream. We aren't able to share a timeline or roadmap item yet until we get further on the engineering design and start coding. 


Feel free to keep adding your votes and comments to this item in the Ideas forum. (I consolidated the other few ideas into this single one that joined all the votes together): 


Support for video trimming (start, end, & middle) · Community (

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