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I can see the transcription displayed to the right of the video, but there is no way to download it. It is also not appearing when I open the meeting in teams - only the recording shows


I did download the captions, but the format really doesn't work - full of nonsense that I have to remove manually

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@kvr-STR - Are you downloading the transcript from the video player in OneDrive or SharePoint from the side pane under "Video settings"? 


Is it in the "WEBVTT" format something like this?



00:00:10.638 --> 00:00:14.153
Uhm, do you think where should
we start? Should we just show


If so you can add your .vtt file to this tool and it just strips out the VTT formatting and gives you back the direct text only.


Microsoft Stream transcript VTT file cleaner


We have it on the backlog to have a way to download a cleaned / just the text version of the transcript from the video in ODB and SPO, but it's not being worked on yet so we don't have a timeline.  Feel free to add this idea and your votes here: