Transcription and Captions Language Error Message

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I replaced a video, deleted the previous transcription/captions file, and attempted to generate a new transcription. I am receiving this error no matter how many times I refresh or attempt to upload as a new file: "We're having trouble getting the list of supported languages. Please refresh and try again."


generate transcript errors.png

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We're having the same trouble in our tenant. This needs to be resolved as soon as possible.
As a temporary workaround: one of our users discovered that if you access the file via OneDrive on the web, when it opens in the video preview player there, you can successfully add a transcript.
Thanks. I wish that also worked for me, but I am getting the same error from OneDrive as well. I may have to see if Stream Classic works for now.
I got the same error. The workaround with OneDrive does not work for me :(

I have the same issue also; however, the workaround with OneDrive did work for me. :)