Stream on SharePoint not supporting audio-only file playback

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Hello everyone, I'm trying to understand if it's just me or if this is a real gap in the new Stream on SharePoint offering. We are trying to understand how to help teams who want to deliver audio-only or podcast style content do this in the most efficient way possible. However, when I try to playback wav files on SharePoint the player seems to fail. Success is moderately better with mp3... and if we have to compress down to that, I think people can understand. 


The main kicker is that I cannot seem to use the Stream webpart in a SharePoint page for collecting and displaying audio that's available to listen to. I've also seen the suggestions to 'turn the audio into a video' by using sharepoint, and this isn't really an acceptable solution. We should not have to video-ize all of our content in the end. Any and all help or suggestions are appreciated!

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