Stream on sharepoint doesn't need to exist.

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The stream on sharepoint page does not need to exist. It isn't a destination or container for videos. It's simply a landing page that shows you every video saved on onedrive. So if its not a destination or container then why even use it? It just uploads videos to your personal onedrive which is not where I want my final videos to live.  So why not just upload the file to a random folder? The truth is, uploading to a random folder is easier. I can organize my videos better that way than the mess that the stream landing page is. I miss classic stream. Microsoft has successfully stopped me from using stream on sharepoint. 

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The Stream landing page is the same as the landing pages for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, etc. Just a page to view recently accessed files of a certain file type.

Those other landing pages push "create new" into OneDrive also, FWIW. I do think it would be more optimal if all of these would prompt the user for where to save the file.