Stream Embed problems on iOS

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Our college uses the "Canvas" app to embed instructional videos and always worked fine with the Stream classic until now with the new Stream (Sharepoint).

Stream (Sharepoint) embedded on iOS is stuck in a o365 login loop.
Where the embedded video is supposed to be displayed, now has a MS login prompt.
After logging in and going back to the embedded video it still prompts then takes you to a page saying you are already logged in, rinse and repeat.

I tested this on an Android phone and after signing in it works fine.

This same setup works fine with Stream Classic but since this seems to be going away we are trying to use the new Stream (Sharepoint).

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@Tony_Fritzen - I moved your post to a new thread on the Stream (on SharePoint) section. 

Can you work with your IT admin (if you aren't one) to open a support ticket on this issue? Since we re-wrote the code for embed and login for videos in ODB/SPO I'm sure there are bugs / optimizations we didn't port over from Stream (Classic). Make sure you have support escalate it up to us in the Product Group if there isn't anything obvious they can figure out, so that we can investigate and hopefully find a fix for this. 


If it's working correctly with Stream (Classic) I'm hoping we can easily fix it for Stream (on SP) as well. 

Sorry for our bugs!