Stream Classic Migration Tool - do videos in Stream (Classic) get deleted after migration?


The documentation seems to imply that they'd be removed from Stream (Classic) after the migration, but in my testing that doesn't seem to be the case.

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@Kevin Crossman : there was regression in Stream (Classic), where the videos were not hiding after they were migrated (we hide or soft delete in Classic and hard delete after 180 days of migration) . This bug was introduced in early Jan due to our upstream dependencies on a platform. It had been fixed & roll out completed early this week on all clusters. You shouldn't see this bug now. Also, the videos that you migrated will not longer be visible on Classic. Do let us know if this is otherwise. 

Yes, now I am noticing that those migrated videos aren't visible. Thanks for clarifying.


It's March now and we've just started running a few test migrations.  We're seeing the classic videos are visible after migration to Stream (on SharePoint).  Have there been any further regressions since it seems this was fixed end of January?

@Kelly Meyer : we had discovered another bug which had similar symptoms. Check the 1st one in the list and its ETA as well.

@varun_taneja Great to know - thank you for the link and quick reply.