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Hi everyone.

I'm trying to understand if there will be the possibility to have Stream API in the near future.

My need is to download the autogenerated transcript, translate it via online services, and then load the new transcript file back on the video.


Do u have any advice?



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I found your post as I was looking for similar information.
Suggest that we post a feedback request on the Microsoft Feedback Portal.

I am also interested in an API set for Stream to automate actions such as uploading video files or pushing them from another system. To start, a way to authenticate to Stream with a user account or organization level service account would be helpful. Then a set of actions such as add a new video or change one of the metadata attributes such as description, viewing permissions.

So far, I've been able to download our transcripts with:<sitename>/_api/v2.1/drives/<driveID>/items/<itemid>/media/transcripts/<transcriptid>/streamContent?format=json";

Have now found a way to automate uploading yet.


@Stuart McGarrity @jhende1915 @Simon Doy @mcrivell - As some of you are discovering and posting the APIs for Stream (on SharePoint) are just the normal Microsoft Graph Files APIs used for any other file in ODB/SPO. So, any Graph API to upload/download/delete/modify will work with a video file in ODB, SPO, Teams. Files Graph API overview:


For example, here are all kinds of things you can do with video files via MS Graph Files APIs:



We have yet to document and make public in Graph some of the newer APIs for videos (transcripts, thumbnails, chapters, etc. Please add your votes and reasons why you want these things to be added to the Files Graph API. 





@Stuart McGarrity 

I've just upvoted you post on feedback portal.



@Marc Mrozhow to upload vtt to a video trough API?


Thanks a lot


Uploading a VTT to a video through Graph API isn't possible today officially. You could look at the network trace and see what APIs the UI calls, but those could change over time. Keep adding your votes and comments to the Stream Ideas entries about APIs.

See the ideas added so far around APIs:

@Marc Mroz  Hi,

I am looking for a way to get the list of transcripts a user has access to / and be able to get the content of it. (Let's say you got 10 meetings this week and you want the transcript of each)

This would be used in a Teams app (or not) but I only found this reference: 

But seems like its only accessible in beta unfortunately..

Is there any place to get updated on this, or to upvote this so it get to the 1.0 version quicker? Maybe a workaround?

Thanks a lot!

@Stuart McGarrity did you find a way to maintain the VTT structure - where a sentence is broken up into multiple sections/timestamps? We're trying to make the export match the format as if you downloaded the VTT file through the interface.