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I work for a higher education college and our students as well as faculty are using Stream, or Teams, to create recordings and then Stream to share the recording links. These links are copied and posted to our LMS (Learning Management System) course pages and certain assignments, within the LMS.


We instruct everyone to select the "People Within the Organization" setting when creating the copy link. This link is then either posted to the LMS or copied to an email or document, then sent to an administrator to then post to the LMS.


The problem is that sometimes the initial setting of "People Within the Organization" changes back to "People You Specify". Why does this happen?! This is getting frustrating as we end up getting flooded with emails asking for access to our recording links. Once the setting is created it should stay that setting.


Please advise


Alan B

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We're having the same issue! We had been using Stream to embed videos into articles in our knowledge base, so we could take advantage of the analytics and autogenerated closed captions, but when we embed videos that have been uploaded to the new Stream, we get permissions errors, even if we've set the permissions to viewable by anyone in the organization. We even tried putting the videos inside a folder set to public (inside the org) in hopes that everything would inherit the permissions, but that didn't work either. Very frustrating.