Share file for download in MS Stream (SharePoint)

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I keep running across posts where folks have been asking to be able to share a file in Stream for download but have not been able to find an answer as to why MS have not implemented such a feature.  Am I missing something?  Uservoice no longer accessible.  Is this the correct place?

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If it’s a video in SharePoint or OneDrive anyone with edit access or view access has ability to download the video. If it’s a teams meeting recording we don’t set download of those by default but a edit access person can change the permissions or share link to allow someone to download it.

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This doesn't seem to be working for me. I shared a recording with an external guest and "block download" set to Off. The recipient doesn't have a download button and when I manage the sharing link, Block Download is set to On. This page: says: "Only the person who started the recording and the meeting organizer can download the recording." That seems like a poor design choice.