Rolling out - Custom thumbnails & title & description metadata


We started rollout of new capabilities to video and audio files stored in SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, and Teams allowing you to set a custom thumbnail for a video as well as set the title and description of the video. The description is rich text so you can add bold, italics, underline, bullets, and hyperlinks. 


Currently as of June 2, 2022 these features are enabled to 50% of normal worldwide users.  


To set a custom thumbnail...

  • Play a video, open the side pane "Video settings"
  • Under "Thumbnail" Upload an image or scrub to a time in the video and use that as the thumbnail



To set the title and description for a video...

  • Play a video, open the side pane "About video"
  • Set the title and/or description of the video (including rich text and hyperlinks)
  • Click save


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Nice! However, I spotted that there is no way for site owners to "edit" the videos which resides in the folder inside the Sharepoint site. I was able to edit video/audio settings only if they reside in my work OneDrive folder, but not on the Sharepoint site. Advice? We transferred the video files over to a location in Sharepoint and used File Viewer web parts to display the videos on the webpages.
Are you saying you can't set video settings from the file viewer web part itself? I believe that is a known issue right now. If you open up the video from the document library itself or click the button on file viewer to open the video in a new window all the same video settings should be there.

File viewer is an embed and we can't yet make edits from an embed only when the video is playing in the full player page.

Thanks for the reply. As a site owner, I was not able to edit the video settings of any clip residing in the document library as of yesterday. But now, it appears that the rollout is implementing. I double-checked and I was able to see video settings and its editing capabilities.

As of May 9, 2022 custom thumbnails, title, and description are enabled in 100% of Targeted Release and 5% of worldwide. (Original post above updated)
As of June 2, 2022 this feature is deployed to 50% of worldwide users. (GCC coming soon).