Rolling out - Custom thumbnails & title & description metadata


We started rollout of new capabilities to video and audio files stored in SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, and Teams allowing you to set a custom thumbnail for a video as well as set the title and description of the video. The description is rich text so you can add bold, italics, underline, bullets, and hyperlinks. 


Currently as of June 2, 2022 these features are enabled to 50% of normal worldwide users.  


To set a custom thumbnail...

  • Play a video, open the side pane "Video settings"
  • Under "Thumbnail" Upload an image or scrub to a time in the video and use that as the thumbnail



To set the title and description for a video...

  • Play a video, open the side pane "About video"
  • Set the title and/or description of the video (including rich text and hyperlinks)
  • Click save


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Nice! However, I spotted that there is no way for site owners to "edit" the videos which resides in the folder inside the Sharepoint site. I was able to edit video/audio settings only if they reside in my work OneDrive folder, but not on the Sharepoint site. Advice? We transferred the video files over to a location in Sharepoint and used File Viewer web parts to display the videos on the webpages.
Are you saying you can't set video settings from the file viewer web part itself? I believe that is a known issue right now. If you open up the video from the document library itself or click the button on file viewer to open the video in a new window all the same video settings should be there.

File viewer is an embed and we can't yet make edits from an embed only when the video is playing in the full player page.

Thanks for the reply. As a site owner, I was not able to edit the video settings of any clip residing in the document library as of yesterday. But now, it appears that the rollout is implementing. I double-checked and I was able to see video settings and its editing capabilities.

As of May 9, 2022 custom thumbnails, title, and description are enabled in 100% of Targeted Release and 5% of worldwide. (Original post above updated)
As of June 2, 2022 this feature is deployed to 50% of worldwide users. (GCC coming soon).
Hello, hoping that someone will see this and be able to help. I am not able to upload to change the thumbnail images for videos that are on certain sites (the particular site is a communication site, but not sure if that is why). It says "This file was modified by another user. Try refreshing the page, then try again.". Nothing that I've tried makes it work. I was able to update the thumbnail for the same video located on a SharePoint team site.
I've seen this bug before. Can you open a support ticket or work with your admin to do so?

If you can't then there is a way for you to directly just send us the feedback linked to your session via the ? Help button in the player.

I think this is an issue on our side we need to track down. Sorry!
Thank you, I will try to do that today. I did send feedback via the player yesterday.
I’ve engaged the engineers on our side who built this and they are investigating. Thanks for reporting it. Sorry for our bugs!

@Marc Mroz - just weighing in as another user seeing the same bug. Getting the same error ("The file was modified by another user. Try refreshing the page, then try again.") whether I try to update the thumbnail by selecting a frame in the video timeline or whether I try uploading an image.

I'm trying to change the thumbnail on the video and I get the same error message. Any idea when this will be resolved?
Hi Marc - The thumbnail images are working for me as of this morning (yay)! I see the thumbnails when I use the file viewer webpart, but not when I use the highlighted content webpart. Should the thumbnails be visible in the highlighted content webpart?

@aerickah  - Can you explain more about what you mean or give a screen shot? Do you not see any thumbnail at all for videos with the highlighted content web part? Or you are seeing the wrong thumbnail, it's the old one not the custom one you just set?

@ENoorlander - There was a regression on custom thumbnails that causes a slightly higher % of errors. We fixed it and checked in the fix a week or so back. I'm guessing the fix will be out soon if you don't already have it. 

@Marc Mroz Yes, I checked today and it seems to be working again. Thank you. 


Hi @Marc Mroz - Nevermind! I must have looked too quickly yesterday. I'm seeing the thumbnail that I've selected in both the file viewer webpart and the highlighted content webpart.

A small update on my last reply: thumbnail selection in Stream seems to be working, but Yammer still selects thumbnail randomly... Am I doing something wrong?
How are you using video with Yammer? Can you explain your steps?

@Marc Mroz thanks for the explanation and updates about these features. Just wondering about the Title and Description metadata - I'm having some issues getting this to display elsewhere in SharePoint. How can this metadata be accessed (e.g. shown as a column in a library view)?