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Any update?


Can the Microsoft Graph File API Resumable Upload be used to upload the raw video? How then can I encode it?

Or can we upload it to Blob Storage and then flag it as an Asset? 

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For Stream on SharePoint yes you can use the MS graph files API!

You don't need to do anything else other than upload the video to a normal document library. Do not use the old asset libraries we aren't using that library type going forward.

After the video file is uploaded to SharePoint you can just click on it to play in the ui. We do on the fly encoding and transcoding for video play back in ODB and SPO.

@Marc Mroz Thanks Marc, that's really helpful. Is there any links for this or is it just an assumed feature that a video uploaded via Graph API will just work in "Streams"? Any other gotchas? Do we know what video codecs are supported? 


Our plan for Stream on SharePoint is making all the video things for any video in SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Yammer, or anything else that stores files in SharePoint.

This page gives more details and calls out Graph APIs just work...

Most modern video codecs are supported for video files in SharePoint and onedrive. I don't know if we have that documented anywhere. If you run into a codec not supported or has some bug feel free to submit a support ticket and we can see if we can add support or fix the issue.