"New Recording" button visible but leads to blank page

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Just today I saw that Stream for SharePoint now has a "New Recording" button. But when I click on the button, it opens a largely blank page. That is, I see the header for Stream, and the browser tab says "new recording" but the rest of the screen is blank.


Url it's generating is this: "https://[company name][my name]/_layouts/15/stream.aspx?action=create&referrer=OfficeHome&referrerScenario=StreamStartPage&cid=055847f0-27cd-4387-99c4-7984bd40bfda".



By the way, I'm in the Netherlands.

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Let me pass this on to our camera team. I wonder if we have one of the flights turned off or if they know what the problem is.

This is only enabled in a % of targeted release so far.


Sorry! Thanks for letting us know!

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Thanks for sending that along Russ, like Marc said we are in the process of rolling out. We shouldn't see this but there might have been a mis-match from Stream start page ( and SharePoint/OneDrive for Business. We can check on it and report back.

If you had a moment and you see this again can you click in the top right on the feedback button and choose "I don't like something" then we can get more diagnostics from your session.

@Marc & @Daniel: thanks for your responses. I've used the Feedback this morning, but unfortunately can only do that from the Stream start page, as the button for Feedback also disappears once I click the button for new recording. But the behavior today is the same as before, so it should be measurable somehow. Further suggestions?

I also have this experience; except I get the message "Something went wrong".
Yes, I've started seeing this just since this morning (31 august).

@Daniel Escapa , I am having the same issue. I have used the Feedback button on the page that has the "New recording" button but the page that opens with the "Something went wrong" message doesn't have a feedback button.

@Jeffrey Thorpe @Jakob Rohde @Russ Herald - Can you try this again? We made a change to our flights to avoid this problem. Everyone in "Targeted Release" should see the "New recording" button in and it shouldn't error out when you click it. You should get in to try out the new camera experience. 


Thank you for reporting this!

@Marc Mroz , no more error and I can see the new recording experience.  


Thank you

@Marc Mroz: Yes! It works for me as well. I see that the function isn't yet visible for other colleagues here. But it's great to know that it's working once it becomes available. 

Thanks for responding so quickly.

It's only deployed to users that are in the Targeted Release program at this point. We hope to move it to more users soon. We have some monitoring and alerting improvements we want to make before we enable it to more people.