Question RE linking many distributed videos together ...

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I am organising a symposium where users would in preious year upload a video to Stream (classic), turn off viewing from the organisation to just specific users and provide admin/view access to a group of Judges (40-50 peope) who would rank the video.  We would expect around ~150 12 minute videos.


Users cannot see their peers contributions as obviously this is an early competition round.  The process worked well and a channel brought them all together for the Judges to review, each judge only needing to watch a few of them.


How could we do this in New Stream?  Ideally 1 upload location but no reviewing of videos amongst people, a simple self creating list for the judges to review.?


Thoughts welcome.



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Option 1: have each user post the video into their OneDrive, then share with the judges
Option 2: Use the Request File feature in SharePoint (note this might not work depending on your sharing settings)