Private preview for advanced video analytics


Interested in seeing more analytics on your Stream videos within Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Stream has begun a private preview for a new advanced video analytics service. What's in the private preview? It includes new per-video analytics such as average watch time, usage by device, and views by geographic location for individual videos. Additionally, a site-level analytics dashboard will show stats for all the videos in a SharePoint site including lifetime views, trends for videos over time, and even which videos are the most popular in the site. Both features will help you understand how your videos are performing and engaging your audiences.


If you are interested in joining the private preview for this service please submit your application here.

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How does this relate to Clipchamp Premium for work and the advanced analytics Microsoft lists on the licensing page? I can't find any information on it. Thank you for any guidance.

Hi @Kelly_Edinger - per-video analytics (average watch time, usage by device, and views by geographic location) for individual videos is available with Clipchamp premium as well. This preview additionally enables Site-level aggregated analytics. You can read more here -