PowerShell Report to get all Stream Classic we parts on pages

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Is there a PowerShell script that will allow me to report out all the Stream Classic web parts used in a site/site collection? 

We have hundreds of pages with embedded Stream Classic web parts. I would like to have a check list of pages to fix after files are migrated. Some pages use web parts that point to Stream Classic channels, and some point to specific videos. I would like to report on all of them, even if the video name, title, or other data doesn't come across, I could still work through the list, fixing each page.


Have I just missed an announcement or post? Possibly a PNP module? 


Any help is appreciated.


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Well, it seems easier than I originally thought. I'm using PNPSearchQuery to do this.

$SiteURL = ""
$ReportPath = "C:\Users\yourOneDrive\Reports\AllStreamWP.csv"

#Connect to SharePoint Online site
Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SiteURL -Interactive

Submit-PnPSearchQuery -Query "FileExtension:aspx 275c0095-a77e-4f6d-a2a0-6a7626911518" -All -RelevantResults | select Title, OriginalPath | Export-csv $ReportPath
Hi Jonathan! Thanks for pointing this out! I was looking for the Script as well.
One question: Will it recognize embedded for all web pages / services (for ex. we use embedded videos on Quercus platform)?

Hi, @id_snake Yes, I used this id "490d7c76-1824-45b2-9de3-676421c997fa" to find all the embedded web parts. I think that's a good starting point, although you'll likely get some false positives that aren't embedded Stream videos.
Whole string would be:

Submit-PnPSearchQuery -Query "FileExtension:aspx 490d7c76-1824-45b2-9de3-676421c997fa" -All -RelevantResults | select Title, OriginalPath | Export-csv $ReportPath
Oh, that sounds good, thanks again! Appreciate your answer to originally your question! ;))
I just wanted to confirm that this revised script (with the id for the embedded web parts "490d7c76-1824-45b2-9de3-676421c997fa") will report on all sites in your O365 Tenant?