Playlist added as web part on tenant home site page not working

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We're experiencing a rather strange behavior when using a playlist as a web part on the tenant's home site.


Here's our setup:

  • A playlist stored on the home site
  • Videos stored both on the home site as well as on a different site (video portal)
  • The permissions are the same on the video portal and on the home site

What works:

  • Visiting the playlist directly ([homesiteurl]/lists/playlist/allitems.aspx) shows and plays all videos correctly
  • Creating a playlist on a site that isn't a home site works just fine when adding as a web part. This includes videos stored outside of the site holding the playlist.

What doesn't work:

  • Adding the playlist as a list web part on a page on the home site lists all videos, but only plays the ones stored on the home site. The videos stored on the video portal just shows a gray box without any player controls.

We're seeing this behavior on three different tenants. Has anyone else experienced this?





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