New Stream and Classic Stream Channels

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I have a massive library of training videos currently living in Classic Stream channels. They work great. Now, out of the blue, I can no longer upload to those channels OR add videos to those channels from this new Stream. What am I to do? Run Stream libraries (or whatever they are called) and classic stream channels together on the same pages and confuse the living heck out of the hundreds of people who rely on access to those videos?

Any advice on navigating this issue would be welcomed!

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I'm in the same boat! For one of the most used channels, I downloaded all of the videos and then had to add them into a SharePoint folder that all users could access, then I added them to a "playlist," then I embedded the playlist in the SharePoint page, for which no settings are preserved. It now looks like a clunky grid on a SharePoint page webpart and I'm embarrassed AF. Now I'm hunting around the MS community for solutions. Next I'm going to the enhancement requests...
It's a travesty. I am so frustrated and annoyed.