Migration tool - Trouble assigning folder in sharepoint as destination

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In my organization we've completed the migration of videos with default destinations. It all went smoothly.


However, now I'm stuck trying to assign a folder in sharepoint as a destination for the containers which don't have a default destination. I can find the top sharepoint site in the migration tool, but I can't drill down in the folder structure at all. None of the folders under the top site are visible in the migration tool. Everyone in the org is given access to this particular folder. After some trouble shooting (and speculation, as I wasn't around when our Sharepoint was built) I believe that this is due to how our Sharepoint is configured in regards to access control. 


Migrating directly to the top site is not a viable option. Is there any known way to fix this problem?

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@Stagecoach i have the same problem. it literally worked yesterday and today i do not see any libraries on any sites. was there a resolution to it?