Migrating videos to New Stream


Hi, I am a communications contractor for a change management office and have been asked about the plan to migrate our team's current Stream channel to New Stream (Stream on SharePoint). 

  1. Is there a deadline to migrate current videos?
  2. Should we have migrated them already?
  3. What is the best way to migrate them to a SharePoint site? 

It seems like migration happens at the tenant level and I'm not sure where to start as an end user. I've downloaded several of the videos from our channel and am manually uploading them to a SharePoint page I created, but it seems like there must be a better way. Thank you!

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1. MS has not yet announced a retirement date for Stream Classic. They say they'll give customers at least 1 year notice.
2. MS has not yet provided a migration tool for general use yet. So, no.
3. Wait for the migration tool to become available.
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There isn't yet a retirement date for Stream (Classic), but it's coming soon.


Before we announce a retirement date, we need a few more things released for Stream (on SharePoint) and the migration tool to be generally available. We think those two things will happen later this year and thus, we are heading toward being ready to announce a retirement date in November (or if we miss that timeframe we'll wait till the new year in January). We'll give 12 months' notice for IT admins to migrate the content before Stream (Classic) retires. 


The migration tool is still in private preview but it's heading to public preview in a month or so and hopefully generally available by November. 


In the mean time we HIGHLY suggest that organizations start thinking about how they'll use SharePoint instead of Stream (Classic). Start testing and start uploading new videos to SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, OneDrive instead of Stream (Classic) to minimize the amount of videos that need to be migrated in the coming year. 

@Marc Mroz 

Hi Marc,


Is the new migration tool available yet? I saw this article ( and it mentions going to the "Stream Admin Center" but I can't find where that is, and neither can I find the migration tool.