Migrated Video URLs

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My team and I are working on our migration plan from Stream Classic to Stream on SPO. We have a lot of videos that are hosted on Stream Classic and  published across our intranet pages on SharePoint Online. I've looked through the documentation and could not find info on whether or not those URLs will need to be updated post migration so that the videos are viewable again, any guidance would be appreciated!

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Nevermind I found the answer: Classic URL support: Existing links to Stream (Classic) redirect to play from new migrated locations in SharePoint and OneDrive.

FYI for others...

Yes Stream (Classic) URLs will redirect to the migated video in ODB/SharePoint if you migrate it with our tool. 


Last bullet in this overview: 

Overview of migrating from Microsoft Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint) - Microsoft Stream |...


And also in the section about what metadata migrates: Stream (Classic) to Stream ( on SharePoint) migration tool - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Learn