Microsoft Stream licensing for Microsoft Business Standard

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We couldn't find any clear information about the Microsoft Stream on Sharepoint (not interested in MS Stream Classic) licensing with the Microsoft Business Standard package.


From what we see here, under the MS Stream Classic , the Microsoft Business Standard package is not mentioned. Does that mean it's not included at all? Do we need it as an additional package to purchase?

We just need to view/upload videos on Sharepoint (which we've understood is Microsoft Stream on Sharepoint). Do we need to purchase it in this case?

Thank you!

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In our Microsoft 365 admin center, Microsoft Stream appears as trial. When looking at Purchase services, we can see the following... But why it's mentioned Plan 2 there? Does that mean that we already have plan 1?




Does business standard give you SharePoint? I'm guessing it does (sorry didn't look it up).

We aren't using the existing Stream liscense for videos in SharePoint. You just need SharePoint and that's it!