Low Quality 240P Video Playback in 'Auto' mode?

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It appears all of our museum videos on MS Stream for SharePoint initially playback for 2+ minutes in fuzzy 240P resolution.  Despite all videos saved as 1080P, and staff accessing them on 1G Ethernet connections in their offices - SpeedTest.net 881.0 Mbps down.


This can create a negative user-experience (UX) and requires them to manually set higher viewing  resolutions.  Which many just don't or won't do.


  • Is there a way to set or force a default playback resolution for videos such as at 720P or 1080P instead of 'Auto' mode?

I noticed that Marc mentioned in another unrelated thread regarding "Does Original Quality Effect Playback Quality - You shouldn't have to worry about the originals encoding. We try and it intelligently stream it. Sometimes we might use the original if it's small enough but if it's not we transcode it on the fly to optimize the playback experience. However, we aren't handling really high bitrate and resolution videos so intelligently today but we are working on that now."


Our town-hall meetings are recorded on Zoom or MS Teams and finished edited w/graphics in Davinci Resolve as HQ .MP4 files, typically 2.7-3.5G for 1 hour.


  • Would a smaller video file size improve Stream for SharePoint transcoding performance for a default higher playback resolution?



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