Is the ability to search transcriptions, to find the actual time instant of the match, coming?

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I know SP search can search video transcriptions but...

i) When you click on a result, it does not bring you to that point in the video, just the video page.

ii) When open a video in Stream on SP, you can't search the transcription like you could with Stream classic. The workaround is to use Find/Ctrl-F


Is the ability to do this coming any time soon?


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@Stuart McGarrity - Yes it's on the roadmap. 


See Roadmap ID: 99920 -

See demo from our Ignite video around 10:13 -



This was without a doubt one of the most USEFUL features of Stream and recording meetings. Why this was NOT implemented in the new version, I don't understand. Looks like the roadmap says it will be available in Feb of 2023. Please make this a priority. Having to download the transcript and THEN find the word's time stamp and THEN go to the video is alot more work!

@Jleebiker and @Stuart McGarrity  - Searching of the video transcript has started rollout already. I believe it's enabled for Targeted Release now. If you have a tenant or user that has TR enabled, you should see it working for you today. 


The goal is to get this rolled out to 100% as fast as we safely can. With the end of the year holidays we slow down deployments, I'm guessing this will get to 100% in January or February. 

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best response confirmed by Stuart McGarrity (Brass Contributor)