How to autoplay video in sharepoint (teams)

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Hi, I have listed out some videos in Teams (using a sharepoint-video template). But when you click on each video, a new window opens (stream). And then I have to click once more to start the video. Is it possible to start the video directly from the sharepoint-site in Teams.  

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@Lillehammer67 - Are you using a SharePoint page with web parts that you then pin the page into a tab in Teams?


If you are using SharePoint web parts, only a few of them play inline in the page today.

  1. File viewer web part - This lets you embed the player in the page directly so when someone clicks it, the video plays inline. 
  2. Hero web part - This lets you pick several videos (and other files) to have on the page. When someone clicks on a video in the Hero web part it plays the video inline

Other web parts like "Quick links" or "Highlighted content" do not play the videos in line yet. We are working on enhancing "Highlighted content" next to be able to play in line. 

@Marc Mroz  Thank you for answering!  yes, when working in Teams, I add a sharepoint site called videocollection. But then you automatically will be directed to Stream and have to open the video from there. I am not sure I understood how to use File viewer web part/ Hero web part? I also want to choose which videos to be shown in the site, now all the videos added in the Teamsroom is visible?   



@Lillehammer67 - Ah you are using that videocollection.aspx page that's auto created. You could keep using that page but customize it. Click the "Edit" button in the upper right corner of the videocollections page itself and then configure the SP page by adding Hero or File Viewer web parts to the page. 

Here is a guide on how to use web parts with SP pages: Create and use modern pages on a SharePoint site - Microsoft Support


Or you could just make a brand new SP page and pin that page as a tab in Teams with the SharePoint tab app. 


If you want to get fancy here are some guides on all the things you can do with videos and SP pages: all of these ideas can be used on your SP page that's pinned to a tab in teams.