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"We're having trouble generating a transcript and captions right now. Try again in a bit." is the error message our video team sees when generating transcripts. They have to wait around ten minutes and refresh the page for it to clear, which is a major annoyance. What is this error, and why is it happening?

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Bet it is because of the change over happening on the platform with Stream Classic going away. . . but 10 min isn't really a big deal. I remember 2 years ago when it would take up to 3 hours. I know patience is hard to come by, but as long as it is completing - that is the important part.
Thanks Karen. I didn't know it would take that long before. Appreciate the perspective.
Hello! I'm Hao and I'm part of the transcription team on Stream. Sorry you've been experiencing issues with generating transcripts. That error message could be for a number of reasons. If you're able to reload and execute a transcription generation after a while it makes me think that traffic was high at that time, making new requests unstable. We have initiatives going on to increase the reliability and robustness of our transcription experience.
Reloading and trying again a little later is the best avenue here - feel free to reach out if this problem persists.
Hello @Hao_Moy

We are currently having the same issue in our tenant.
Are you aware of any problems in recent days?
Please let me know if you require any more detailed information from our side.

Thank You